Corico Chluba Oli became a new Polish Champion. Big congratulations to his lovely owners!
Corico Chluba Oli has finised his first show's season. This beautiful yong boy did amazing job!
In just 3 monthes he received 4 champion titles:
- Junior Champion of Poland
- Junior Champion of Germany VDH
- Junior Champion of Germany KFT
- Junior Champion of Lithuania
What's more, once he won Best In Show Junior (Paaren, Germany)
Big congratulations to Corico and his owners <3
See you again on Spring!

Ozzy once again compete in champion class...

Because of a mistake Ozzy in age of 12 years old was entered to champion class instead of veteran class on International Dog Show in Druskinikai, Lithuania.
Looks like Ozzy didn't take it as a problem and didn't feel any pressure... He received CAC and CACIB winning against younger beautuful champion. We think that Ozzy might had something to do with changing classes laugh Maybe he wanted to feel young again?