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Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko" has just achived Polish Champion title. Our Ozzy Chluba Oli added one more title to his collection: Veteran Champion of Poland. Ozzy in the age of 11 has achieved his best form and finally got confident in the ring to present him self as a Champion. He enyojs shows a lot :)
This year we have only one more show planned - we will present ourselves in Paaren (Germany). Please cross fingers for us!!!


Agility is fairly young, but very spectacular canine sport discipline. It was established in the UK in the 70s. The first Agility show took place during Cruft’s Dog Show in 1978.
This canine sport firstly appeared in Poland only ten years ago. Agility was inspired by the equestrian contests. Rules are simply the same - you need to get through the obstacle race without mistakes and as fast as possible.

Nevertheless, there are some important differences.

The obstacles are suited for dog’s size, and the obstacles are much different. On agility field you can find obstacles such as: slalom, tunnel, etc. The dog, which is guided by its master, needs to get over all the obstacles in formerly agreed order. Since Agility can be performed by any type of dogs, division on classes have been introduced. Dogs really love every kind of exercise with their master. Furthermore, Agility provides dogs with lots of movement. It is a huge attraction for every dog to spend some more time outdoors. Moreover, Agility is a perfect way to establish a special bond with our dogs.

All our dogs and all of us along with them really enjoy Agility. Dogs appreciate when we devote some of our precious time for them. They enjoy every minute they can spend with their owner. Of course every dog is different. Some of them cannot wait to get on the track; the other would rather run only on rare occasions. Small, long haired Silky always looks really amusing when training Agility. For many people it seems to be unbelievable that such a small dog can do so well in canine sports.

Some time ago, together with a couple of other dog lovers, we established Agility Club ‘Hop’ and we train there as often as possible.